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Sing with Ease™

​​Apply techniques to sing with more ease, range, power and flexibility in your own style. Breathing challenges healed. Your voice questions answered, voice problems solved. Coaching on self-care that automatically improves your voice. Perform with group support and individual attention from Laurece. Give yourself the freedom to sing with heart and confidence!
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Upcoming Classes:

Challenges solved. Skills sharpened. Mindset elevated.  Career advanced.

Create positive impact.  
Experience personal satisfaction. 
Bring excitement and value to your listeners.

Explore Individual or Group Training:

Let's get acquainted.  I'd love to hear about your singing or speaking challenges, goals, dreams, and your career to see how I can help.   

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Training for Professional Singing &  Career Invigorating Speaking™

​Sing and Speak with Your Heart!

Reach Your Ideal Clients™


Gain the skills and strategy to speak effectively to build strong connections with clients both in large numbers and one to one. You will explore where to reach your ideal clients in large numbers, develop your signature talk and deliver it. You will feel confident, supported and energized to present it to the world. 
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Individual and Group Training in Durham, NC and long distance by Zoom video conferencing.

Leading Your Business™

Do you want more clients? Would you like to break through to the next income level? 
Do you have a business idea you'd like to implement? Would you like to be self-employed?
We can do it together...

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