Singing &​ Speaking Excellence

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Who you are:

  • ​Singing is one of the most important things in your life. 
  • You have a strong desire to perform. 
  • You are completely dedicated for the long run to the art of singing because YOU HAVE TO SING! 
  • You are eager to unlearn inefficient singing habits so you have both more ease, range, flexibility and your 
  • own unique sound. 
  • You are willing to get into shape physically, open minded to receive instruction and have the fortitude to practice (warm ups and your songs) for 40 minutes once daily, then when you are stronger twice daily - because you will hear results and sing more powerfully than ever before.  
  • You Love songs! You are either an original songwriter or a song stylist, wishing to create an original version of other people’s songs.​
  • You are open to discovering who you really are as a person and artist, to build the courage to express yourself authentically in performance so you develop an original style.
  • ​Most importantly, releasing the muscles initially used for imitating other singers, you will find your absolutely original voice.
  • You are excited about using improv, acting and meditative skills to emotionally and artistically express yourself so you move your audiences!

 What you need right now:

To speak about your goals and challenges - 
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Evaluation and immediate results - 
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