Singing &​ Speaking Excellence

The Quick Start Package gives you a clear evaluation of your current vocal and performance skills, strategy and mindset as well as specific coaching so you experience results. 

We'll have a 30 minute Initial Meeting.. We'll go into the details of your experience, health and what motivates you - in preparation for training. We'll discuss your goals and challenges and answer any questions you have. You'll record each session.   

Then there are 2 40 minute Coaching sessions (10 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of instruction) to evaluate your voice and performances to make adjustments, give you guidance in session and specific exercises to practice, as well as uplift and inspire you to achieve the next level of excellence. If you do the work and follow coaching advice, you will have immediate improvement - guaranteed.

Your Quick Start Package results and our coaching interaction will provide the energy for your next step - a 12, 24 or 36 month coaching contract to create lasting integration of new skills , strategies and mindset: a true up-leveling of your singing, performing, attitude, vision of what is possible, self-care, health and career.​​

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Aspiring Singer's

Quick Start Package