Schedule a complimentary Strategy call.  Then please answer these focus questions. Let's talk about your speaking challenges, successes and career goals. 


Voice Coaching Packages
There are a variety of programs to meet client needs and objectives at every level.  During the Strategy Call we will determine the best package to deliver the results you seek. 

Most clients desire definable career up-leveling through improving their communication and presentation skills. They are ready to commit to a minimum of 6 months of coaching, which is necessary to create lasting integration of skills, strategy and mindset. 

Elite clients receive a high density of sessions (3-5 per week) and experience the most rapid results. The majority of Elite clients focus on positively effecting society and achievement at a world class level. Success clients have the option of 1-2 weekly individual or group classes to create change for their work in the world at a more humble level.

Your current skills, desires and visions are unique.  Here are some package examples. They can be mixed and matched  to deliver a training that best suits you. You'll have options for both session length and frequency.

​You are a visionary. You possess the strength, resources, drive and dedication to achieve your goals and desire to leave a powerful legacy. You are reaching large numbers of people and need to stay at peak performance as you speak in a variety of media and live events. 

You seek to create an original message.  You wish to have a clear mind that is present, able to easily respond, free of internal judgment, while retaining discernment and your own aesthetics. You would like to be true to yourself in all situations, calm or stressful, to negotiate powerfully, delegate smoothly, and present your own unique genius tastefully.  

​This package focuses on the basics of freeing you to speak intelligently in the moment, while upgrading how you sound and look in presentations. You’ll learn to how to develop a beautiful tone, speak easily, present powerfully and authentically, clarify what is unique about you and maximize your confidence. You will have a number of breakthroughs both personally and professionally. 

Quick Start - to dip your toes in...
Explore the coaching relationship and experience results.

8 sessions in a month: 30 minute Initial Meeting to build rapport and 7 forty minute Voice Coaching sessions (10 minutes of prep time in the studio and 30 minutes of instruction.) If you do the work, immediate improvement is guaranteed.

Your  new success will provide the energy for the next step - a 6 month contract to create a true up-leveling of your speaking voice, self-expression, ease, impact, confidence and career.

Individual Coaching

Elite Training for Professional Singing & Speaking ™