Singing &​ Speaking Excellence

 Aspiring Professionals understand that a professional career is not built overnight.  Similar to any professional athlete, the development of skills, strategy and mindset is a multi-year process.

To be a professional - singers you must accept this reality and dedicate yourself to be in it for the long haul.  This is your dream and you will need to both do the work and meet the inner and outer challenges that come on the path. It is the hero's journey. (Ask me more

about this and how it applies to you.)

After the Quick Start package if we decide to work together you start with the 12 month Singing Freedom Package. At the end of that coaching year the next step is a multi-year commitment. The main reason is that at each juncture, the ego is scared and wants to quit the dream.  Internal doubts about yourself come up. This is normal. To minimize those doubts and move ahead, the next commitment to your path is necessary. Your love of singing provides the energy.  Consistent, noticeable improvement and great feedback from friends and fans is rewarding. Your personal journey is exciting.

Each year our effectiveness as a team improves.  With a multi-year commitment your potential maximizes - as well as your skills, mindset, health and career up-leveling. 

​Singing Freedom Package

This package focuses on the basics of freeing you to sing easily, improving your sound, range and flexibility weekly. If you do the work, you will have dramatic improvement, noticeable to others. You’ll learn how to optimize vocal health and endurance. Performance techniques will channel your power, improv exercises will allow you to express yourself and discover your unique artistry. We’ll build your confidence as you perform, exploring energizing and giving to your audiences.

Training for Aspiring Professional Singers