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​​​​​​​​​​​Interactive Training 

Powerful Presentations ™ 
Reach, teach, inspire & motivate your audiences.  Effective techniques to achieve results in business, creative, inspirational, and academic talks.

Ace Your Interviews!™ 
Presenting your best self and natural genius under pressure. Mindset for success, powerful body language, speaking with ease and intelligence. Negotiating with confidence.

Speak with Ease ™ 
How to speak with easy word flow and confidence so you never have to be tongue tied. Eliminate distracting ahs, ums, & sentence restarts. Contributing to conversations in business and personal life with intelligence, humor and authenticity.  Recognizing the stories and aspects of your life that bring richness to others.

Career Invigorating Speaking™ 
Confident and effective use of your voice and presentation style to up-level your business or creative career. Recognizing and harnessing your natural genius to serve clients and gain results.
Build a Stronger Voice ™ 
How to speak with like an actor with resonance to develop a sound to which people enjoy listening.  Special focus on how to resolve voice challenges and develop vocal health and endurance.

Communicate to Connect 
How to bridge small or large gaps and really connect with people through authentic communication.  Ideal for groups wish to relate to each other or find resolution across socio-political divides, people wanting to reach others on a heart level, and teams wishing to build connection, creativity, effectiveness and enjoyment of your mutual work. 

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