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​with a growing specialty in Entrepreneurship    

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Energize your existing business.

Develop your singing or speaking career. 

Monetize your brilliant ideas. 

​Business creation and development...

Individual Coaching

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Create a Life You Love!
Leading Your Business™ 

​​Massive clarity and action to bring your gifts to the world, earn a good living and enhance others.

Within a supportive and motivating community we will explore business development using the ethic of play - with the tools and practices of InterPlay (www.interplay.org.) 

In this training you will develop skills, strategy an unstoppable mindset in the following areas:

* Being an entrepreneur is a spiritual path
* How your passions and talents benefit your ideal clients
* Developing packages and programs that connect and deliver results
* Multiple income streams for easy flow
* The business of money - clarity, management and responsibility
* Boundaries that enhance energy - time, policies and agreements
* The key to thriving - self-care and support
* Available resources - free and paid, including hiring
* Plays well with others - associates, joint ventures and partnerships
* Ninja marketing made easy - letting people get to know you 
* The Mindset of Success ™
* Clearing the way for abundance
* Leveraging a booming business
* Creating a life you love!
* Giving back - service, mentoring & tithing
* Building a new world - a legacy that matters

​Zoom conferencing live meetings, 

3 classes a month for 12 months. Rolling admission.

Thursdays 12 - 1 pm or Tuesdays 9 - 10 am. 
Classes are recorded so you will be able to review any you miss
Facebook group for connection and support
Accepting and championing community

Creating a successful business is an exciting mix of personal development, incremental successes, internal and external challenges, reflection and course correction for new growth. It is a lifelong journey. You will be encouraged to listen to the wisdom of your body and to go at a pace that works for you. (Many concepts took me several years to integrate and implement.) You may skim the surface or go deep with the material according your needs and desires. You will receive championing support for both your challenges and successes.

Guest Experts: Michael Davies, PhD, Partner | Carolina Wealth Partners and Walker Lambe business attorney Kelly Mackay (on being self-employed, special tax and retirement considerations, contracts, and types of business organization); more experts TBA - wonderful entrepreneurs who will inspire you.

Laurece completed three years of training at the Boldheart Business School (
http://boldheart.com/), three years of additional Boldheart mindset and strategy courses and has been an entrepreneur for 35 years. She helps people thrive in business - as a spiritual act to create a better world.

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