Singing &​ Speaking Excellence

Corporate, Government & Academic Training

​​​​​​​​​​​​Interactive Training

for Suites, Departments, Teams and Academia 

The Art & Science of Presenting ™
Craft and deliver persuasive presentations. Creative speaking, body language, and slide design skills and the science behind them. Wendy Gates Corbett and Laurece West.  

Resolving Workplace Conflict 
(Building Strong and Effective Teams)

Team building activities for organizational development. Resolve workplace tensions, generational and racial differences and management challenges through increased communication, cooperation, appreciation and support. Sharon Hill and Laurece West. 

The Bottom Line 
Sales Success. Voice, body language, mindset and presentation skills for sales professionals. Discovering your unique talents and personality assets to rise above the competition. Communicate well and connect with clients so you make a difference in their lives and your bottom line significantly increases. 

Effective Communication

Increase productivity, satisfaction and revenue success through effective management, team and public communication. Enjoyable speaking, stress relief and communication skills delivered utilizing improv and interactive exercises.

Effective Workplace Communication 

For Non-Native Speakers
Language clarity for internationals speaking English, resolving challenges of speed, rhythm, culture, tense and pronunciation for more effective communication and career advancement.

Let's Talk (Diversity Appreciation)
Conversation and creativity by interacting with people while learning improv forms (storytelling and movement.) Develop new neural pathways, express yourself and enjoy others. Open discussion on appreciating diversity in the work place and life. Sharon Hill and Laurece West.

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Resolving Workplace Conflict (Building Strong and Effective Teams) & Let's Talk (Diversity Appreciation) 

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