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​ "Before working with Laurece I was very unfamiliar with my confidence to deliver clear and concise content for my business; whether speaking to large groups, honing in on what my elevator speech is or simply attracting my ideal clients."  Adryin Glynn

"Prior to working with Laurece, I had many challenges related to speaking with clients and prospective clients. My biggest concern was that I wasn’t able to present the best version of myself to the world."  Matt Thacker

"I was struggling with loss of my voice for months."  Brian Scott

"My intention was to better the way I express myself and how I communicate. I wanted to have a better tone of voice because I didn’t like my voice." Raquel Dominguez

"I found my usual speech patterns did not work well..." Heather Valli


"One day I'd feel like I could sing perfectly, and the next day, it was like I've never sang a day in my life before!"  Nicolette Ash


 ​"When I started working with Laurece my songwriting was far more developed than my voice. I had good songs but no confidence in singing them for an audience." Robert Russell

"I had a variety of confidence issues around my singing..."  Isabelle Francke

"When I began working with Laurece I had a narrow range and a weak voice. It would constantly break whenever I tried to sing, which was extremely frustrating." Haley Barak

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"My experience with Laurece is that she is a seasoned, practiced professional that has a deep understanding of the tried and true methods developed over time by the masters to effectively and safely train your voice. She is flexible, easy to work with and personable. Results speak for themselves."

Jesse Eversole

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