How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Voice and Performance Expert?

I studied singing for 12 years in New York City while I was working as a scientist in medical research by day and singing and playing electric bass and keys in bands at night! I have been teaching for 24 years and have worked with hundreds of people, several for many consecutive years.

For the first 17 years I worked exclusively with singers yet also coaching them on their speaking voice as as it is the same instrument. Speaking with the greatest ease and efficiency saves the voice, providing more endurance and strength for singing. I opened up my studio to speakers 7 years ago.

I have a thorough understanding of the science and art of the voice, performance and presentations. I teach voice skills, health, strategy & the mindset of success. I just completed three years of business school at so I understand branding, strategy and the power of clear intentions and a focused mind.

What is your coaching style and philosophy?

My training with Elite clients is Olympic style coaching - a high density of sessions.  This allows us time and consistency to problem solve, acquire and integrate skills, move through all personal, professional resistances to massive success, master training routines necessary to build the strength, skills and unique artistry required to be impressive, create connections with listeners and create an impact on the international stage.

 Each individual coaching session is specially tailored to the person's overall goals as well as their needs  that day.

How are you unique?

My particular genius is in the following areas:

1. I possess a keen attention to detail which allows me to diagnose and remedy any voice challenge. I am a published scientist and that training along with extensive voice training has allowed me to understand challenging voice problems.  I have developed solutions that allow people to progress rapidly. As long as they do the work and apply the coaching, my clients have immediate and consistent improvement in the sound, strength, range and flexibility of their voice. This I guarantee.

2. I teach scientifically, intuitively and spiritually. There is a clear method, dozens of concepts, remedies and a deep resource of exercises I utilize from many years of study of voice and 6 other instruments, music theory and composition, acting and improv. I bring years of performing, recording, songwriting, and band leading experience.

That being said, I meet the needs and desires of each client that particular day.  We are not linear. In addition to building skills each session, clients cycle through challenges and successes as they arise.  Clients are asked to set their intention for that session and I meet it. Plus, in the most wonderful way other things will comes to light during some sessions - a realization or something that occurs to them which has great importance to their progress. Clients leave each session energized.

3. I have a loving and gentle approach to personal growth, yet an Olympic coach's clarity and directness towards training.  Clients receive specific training for the skills they desire. This allows each person to feel comfortable to expand their artistry, moving into their personal and professional power and actually do the work needed to accomplish their goals.

Who are your clients exactly?

Touring Professionals
Artists performing regularly
Recording Artists
People in Bands
Solo Artists
Aspiring Professionals
Gospel Singers
People seeking to find or heal their voice


(One or more in each field)



International Attorney

Business owner

International Business Owner

Business Coach




Duke Institute for Brain Science

Durham Schools via the Durham Arts Council 

Graduate Student

High Performance Coach
Holistic Health Counselor

Interior Designer
Life/Personal Coach
Marketing Director
Marketing Consultant
Massage Therapist

Military Negotiator

Movement Therapist


Organizational Consultant
Personal Trainer


Presidential Hopeful

Stock Car Racer


IT Professional

UNC School of Media and Journalism
University Professor



Voice Over Artist

Yoga Teacher

With whom does your training not work?

Anyone who is not ready to do the work and put in the sweat equity.  People who blame others for their frustrations and quit easily.  People who are not able to make a commitment to themselves and their dreams, and stick with it when it gets hard (which is actually the time right before the next breakthrough.) Those unwilling to commit resources to their training - their time and money. People who are stuck in dreaming but not doing.

Never underestimate the power of a blocked artist to create drama and excuses.  (No judgment.) The energy of not doing a dream for a long time and limiting beliefs (come by honestly) can derail someone. The only way out is through - with an excellent trainer.  

My clients are willing to stay committed when the going gets tough. Even if they are personally in a tough phase.  Why - because they see the results again and again and feel the joy and confidence each next success brings.

Professional success is not easy or anyone could have it.  Work toward goals and the overall dream has to be done every day. Some people need support to get into meeting their art everyday. Once doing the work, I start clients out with the amount they can handle in a daily routine and we go from there.

How does someone explore working with you?

They may either choose a Quick Start package (set up a Strategy call on the contact page)  or register on the website for a singing or speaking class.  It gives us a chance to explore the training relationship and brings immediate results.  Unfortunately, these are not lasting.  Commitment to training is necessary for true upleveling since the brain requires repetition to undo old habits and integrate new positive skills. 

The limitation of the workshop is that the skills aren't lasting unless the person is sure to review the class and practice the new skills regularly. Since their ear is not yet trained to listen while the brain focuses on doing, they often can't discern yet if they are doing it the most effective way by themselves, and may apply the skill incorrectly.  The workshop is ideal to find out what is going on, to initiate learning new skills, to notice how others improve and experience Laurece's coaching. To have true integration of skills resulting in an massive up-leveling of sound and artistry, requires coaching over time.  

If someone knows they want to explore individual training they may schedule a strategy call. We'll talk about their voice - successes, challenges, their goals and desires, and the discuss options for training  - Elite Training, Success Training or a Quick Start Package. 

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Training Philosophy: An Interview with Laurece