Elite Training for Professional Singing & Speaking ™

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Explore the coaching relationship, get answers and experience results.

We'll have an initial meeting to build rapport. Then 12 Coaching sessions in a month - 3 a week. When you do the work, improvement is guaranteed.

Coaching may be in person in NC, (VIP coaching on location) or by Zoom video conference, which delivers both audio and video recordings of the session. 

Your results provide the energy for the next step - commitment to a training contract to fully integrate skills, strategy and mindset, creating a true up-leveling of your singing and career.

Elite Training

World Class Achievement

Training professional singers at a world class level is similar to coaching professional and Olympic athletes - both in approach and the amount of sweat equity.  Being world class requires laser focus. World class amplified creates Legends.

Elite training involves a high density of sessions (3-5 a week) over the long haul (3-5 years.)

The session length may vary - 30, 45 or 60 minutes of coaching with 10-15 minutes of prep time included at the beginning. 

Laurece's program Create a $20 Million Dollar Voice provides a method to create success. Your coaching will be specifically designed to meet your goals and objectives so you experience quantifiable results. 

To speak about training, book a Strategy Call - then please answer these focus questions.

Keep your current sound.

Go to the next skill level.

Solve voice challenges.

Get healthier.

Gain a powerful mindset.

Stay strong on tour.

Sing with ease exactly what you hear.

Increase your range and endurance. 

Improve your tone.

Create new combinations of sounds.

Thrive on tour.  

Release better recordings. 

Go from great to legendary. 

Professional Singers

Create a

$20 Million Dollar Voice ™