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$20 Million Dollar Voice ™

To talk about training, book a Strategy Call - then answer these focus questions.

Elite Training for Professional Singing & Speaking ™

Not a jump right in type? ​Dip your toes in with a Quick Start Package

Explore the coaching relationship, get answers and experience beginning results.

We'll have an initial meeting plus 3 Coaching sessions in a week. 

Coaching may be in person in NC, by Zoom video conference, or VIP coaching on location. Zoom delivers both audio and video recordings of the session. 

Your results provide the energy for the next step - commitment to training to fully integrate skills, strategy and mindset, creating a true up-leveling of your singing and career.

Keep your current sound.

Go to the next level and then the next...

Solve voice challenges.

Get healthy.

Empower your mindset.

Stay strong on tour.

Sing exactly what you hear, with ease.

Increase range and endurance. 

Improve your tone.

Develop the ability to create new sounds and styles.

Thrive on tour.  

Sound better on your next recording.

Manifest new opportunities. 

Go from great to legendary. 

Professional Singers

Elite Training

World Class Achievement

Training professional singers at a world class level is similar to coaching professional and Olympic athletes - both in approach and the amount of sweat equity.  

Elite Training involves a high density of sessions, 3-5 a week.

Success Training is less frequent and may be viewed on the Aspiring Singers page.

Each session is 40 minutes: 10 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of coaching. 

The Initial Contract has two parts:

A. Problem Solving and Skill Acquisition

Duration          Weekly Frequency        

5 weeks                    5X                            

6 weeks                   4X                             

8 weeks                   3X                              

B. Integration and Acceleration
​Duration          Weekly Frequency        
5 weeks                    5X                             
6 weeks                   4X                              
8 weeks                   3X                              

Check with your accountant.  Coaching is tax deductible as professional development.

​If you do the work, results are guaranteed.