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"I came to Laurece as a beginning singer looking to use sound and vibration to help heal my thyroid.  I never expected to learn as much as I did about singing, and am thrilled with how the lessons have progressed.  Laurece is a thorough and very kind teacher, perfect for someone who was (but is no longer!) afraid to practice at home if anyone is here.  I have learned a lot, faced many fears, released a lot of jaw tension, and find myself much more equipped to express through speaking and singing.  Thank you Laurece!"

Helen Davidson Tapper
Yoga Teacher

and Movement Therapist


"Before working with Laurece, I was unsure of my voice and thought even though I had a deep passion for singing, that I could never be a good singer because of my acid reflux. Laurece made me realize that I could create a beautiful voice and helped me with confidence, ideas, inspiration and was such a positive force in my life at a time when I really needed someone to ground me. Her process was structured yet creative and I felt very supported by her. After working with Laurece, I had much more confidence in my voice and felt I was strong enough to begin performing in public."

Sumi Krishnan, Singer/Performer, Washington, D.C.

"When I began working with Laurece I had a narrow range and a weak voice. I believe my voice was even damaged by uninformed previous instruction and a very bad case of bronchitis. It would constantly break whenever I tried to sing, which was extremely frustrating. I have worked with Laurece now for about three years and can confidently and enthusiastically say that she is what you want in an instructor. She has extensive knowledge of vocal techniques, as well as knowledge about how the body works and how environmental and anatomical factors can affect the voice. Her understanding of science informs her teaching.  However, it is not only her scientific approach that has impressed me, but also her artistic approach.  While supplying structure through various exercises, including the use of an excellent book to work from, there is so much freedom in her lessons.  I have found her incorporation of improv to be some of the most helpful work I have done with her for development of artistic expression.

Laurece is special because she does not believe there is one right way to express oneself artistically. This is perhaps the most powerful concept I have come away with from working with her. She helps you find your rhythm, your voice, and your words.  From her teaching it is now a rare occurrence for me to suffer from writer’s block or composer’s block. My voice has gained a significant amount of strength, flexibility and resonance. I have also gained much more vocal freedom and artistic freedom. Thank you, Laurece!"

Haley Barak, Durham, NC

"I came to Laurece because for years I was uncomfortable using my voice, most especially my singing voice. I was finally ready to take the leap to really get to know it, to accept it and to hopefully discover my authentic voice. I found Laurece to be a multi skilled, openhearted guide, willing to both challenge me and gently soothe me as warranted.  She welcomed me in whatever mood or level of preparedness I was in each time we met, and created a lesson to suit my needs.

Through her wide variety of amazing exercises I learned to befriend my voice. I am less afraid to sing out loud, and to let more feelings show. My voice is more dynamic. I'm more confident telling my stories extemporaneously without fear of pauses, of 'freezing up", or of concerns no one is interested in what I have to say. I find myself better able to access my own true stories. I am more playful and less critical of how I sound, more apt to break into song during the day.  Most importantly, Laurece continually encourages me with ways to speak and sing with more ease and less effort."

Robin Rogers, Chapel Hill, NC

Healing the Voice