Training for Powerful, Passionate, Professional Singing 

& Confident, Effective, Career Invigorating Speaking™​  

Build a Million Dollar Voice ™

​Who you are:

​Singing is one of the most important things in your life. 


You want to perform.

You Love songs! 

You are an original songwriter or song stylist, creating your version of other’s songs.

What you need:

To train your voice, body and mindset for career success.

Solve singing and breathing problems.

Get a great sound, all the time.
Gain ease, range, flexibility and power.

Sing exactly what you think.

Create the sound you want.
Find your own voice.

Discover who you really are as a person and artist.

Develop your unique, original style.

Stay strong emotionally, physically.  mentally and spiritually.

Be confident and courageous.

Express your true self.

Emotionally connect with your audiences.

Create a following.

Training to be a Professional Singer

A professional career is not built overnight.  Similar to professional athletes, the development of skills, strategy and mindset is a multi-year process. 

To achieve your dreams, you must dedicate yourself to be in it for the long term.  Your love of singing will provide the motivation. This is your passion AND you need to do the work to gain skill and artistry. You will experience inner and outer challenges on your path. This is the hero's journey. (Read about it in
Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice.) 

Each year our effectiveness as a team improves.  Your potential maximizes. You experience massive personal growth, you sing far better and experience performance successes. 

​​Success Training

for Aspiring Professional Singers
Training to become a professional singer at a world class level is similar to coaching professional and Olympic athletes - both in approach and the amount of sweat equity.  

Elite training involves a high density of sessions, 3-5 a week, and may be viewed on the Professional Singers page. Speak to Laurece if this level of acceleration inspires you.  Success Training is less frequent, and allows the singer to develop over time with an easier level of investment. 

Each session is 40 minutes: 10 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes of coaching. 

​Singing Freedom Package 
The basics of freeing you to sing easily, improving your sound, range and flexibility weekly. If you do the work, you will have dramatic improvement, noticeable to others. You’ll learn how to optimize vocal health and endurance. Performance techniques will channel your power, improv exercises will allow you to express yourself and discover your unique artistry. We’ll build your confidence. You'll learn how to perform, energize and give to your audiences.

The Initial Contract has two parts:
A. Problem Solving and Skill Acquisition
Duration                Frequency        
12 weeks                    2X  per week                          
24 weeks                   1X   per week                         
36 weeks                   3X   per month                           

B. Integration and Acceleration
​Duration                Frequency        
12 weeks                    2X  per week                          
24 weeks                   1X   per week                         
36 weeks                  3X   per month                           

​Check with your accountant.  Coaching is tax deductible as professional development.

Not a jump right in type? ​

Dip your toes in with a Quick Start Package

Explore the coaching relationship, get answers and experience beginning results.
We'll have an initial meeting plus 2 Coaching sessions in a week. 

Coaching may be in person in NC or by Zoom video conference. Zoom delivers both audio and video recordings of the session. 

Your results provide the energy for the next step - commitment to training to fully integrate skills, strategy and mindset, to begin to have the voice of your dreams.

Aspiring Professional Singers