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Francine Ciccarelli

     "I was doing a lot of forcing my voice - belting out songs that sounded strained. Laurece taught me to utilize the full resonance of my voice, by singing from my larynx and not from my mouth. That has produced a much more full and relaxed sound.

      As a voice teacher, Laurece is accepting and supportive, while having a hard line regarding technique. . . good balance in an effective teacher. I can see in the face of my audience that my voice is now pleasing to them. I can feel within myself that I sound pleasing. My voice is pretty average in general and I still sound good, deliver my songs and actually sing a lot in public. I know some of the success is because I write my own songs, get the audience involved and have an enthusiastic delivery. However, it helps to sound pretty good when I do that delivery."

Cathy Kielar, Performer, Drummer, Children's Party Entertainer, member of the Bulltown Strutters  (New Orleans style Parade Band)

Co-Owner - Music Explorium, Durham, NC.

"When I started working with Laurece my songwriting was far more developed than my voice. I had good songs but no confidence in singing them for an audience. After two short months I had a better understanding and command of my range, the ability to produce the vocal tone I wanted, and even several performance techniques that helped me feel more comfortable on stage. 

            As a teacher, Laurece is both totally professional and is one of the warmest, nicest and most approachable people I've ever worked with. This unique ability to give constructive, thoughtful and efficient direction while keeping her students artistically open and relaxed is the main reason why I would recommend her over other instructors. 

        After working with Laurece I have moved to Asheville to pursue music full time. My voice continues to improve from the lessons I took and now the most frequent comment I get after shows is how much people like my singing. This is due largely to Laurece's guidance and for that I'm forever grateful -- A+, I would totally recommend Laurece West!"

Robert Russell

Robertino One Stop FINALS Brown Bag 12/16/2011 Semi-Finalist

            Voice from your past that adores you. How are you? WoW!! you are in little ole pea-picking NC. I am still at Mimi's perfecting my craft.
Thanks to YOU!
            Recently, Michael Feinstein has been coming in often to hear me sing and last week he brought in Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft to see my act and hear me sing. Can you believe it? Stayed almost 3 hours watching me perform. When I started with you, I was beyond scratch and look what you were able to do with a SingingMuteNerd like me.
            Check out my FaceBook page. I am getting really good with my masks, timing and technique. type in'Chicken Delicious @ Mimi's'. New name, Chicken Delicious. The kind you can't eat!
take care,
love you madly, 

Chicken Delicious

NY TIMES article

"hi Laurece!
the rekkid is in the can, as they say!
hopefully the masters will come out great.  Thank you for your wonderful instruction, I DO believe it helped me become more prepared for this record more than any other we have made."

valient himself


"Who would have guessed that learning to sing would bring me to a place where I would grow not only technically as a singer, but also spiritually. The discipline of taking time for myself at the beginning of each lesson has been a teaching of self care I’ve never given myself on a regular basis.  The movement and improvisational work has helped me get in touch with and move through feelings I’ve usually pushed down to manage without realizing the cost to my voice, my life experience and my relationships.

     In the past I have stopped myself from of fear of judgment and it is huge for me to see I can use the techniques from our lessons to investigate, move through and release these and other fears.

     Laurece, if I never take another voice lesson again, I want to you know, I’ve gotten so much out of what we’ve done so far.  I would have never guessed it was possible based on the very small experience I’ve had in the past with voice lessons.

  It’s astonishing that in the final lesson before singing in a wedding, we spent so little time in vocalization and practice of the actual song and yet the lesson had such a huge impact on the result.  For the first time I experienced being consciously aware of my feelings and had “sure fire” techniques so I was able effect the actual quality of my performance and could truly sing my best from my heart.  Thank you so much." 
Toni Stevens, 
Lead Singer for The BillyTones 
BodyTalk Access Trainer, Durham, NC

"My family would gently encourage me not to sing.  My scrutiny of instructor techniques led me to Laurece West.  She introduced me to the world of voice that I knew existed, but knew nothing about. My experience with Laurece is that she is a seasoned, practiced professional that has a deep understanding of the tried and true methods developed over time by the masters to effectively and safely train your voice. She is flexible, easy to work with and personable. Results speak for themselves.  Unsolicited comments on the improvement of your voice you can expect after working with her.  Laurece will help you build a sound and healthy foundation that you will be able to use to continuously improve your voice in the directions you wish to go. It is not just my family that has commented.  I do perform in a small acoustic group in which I now sing lead at times and harmonize.  It is really when others you don’t know pay you a complement that you know you’re on the right track.  Laurece has been instrumental in helping me build my confidence to take on that task.  My range has increased dramatically, my pitch much more accurate, my tone enriched and I have the foundation I need to further develop and improve. I highly recommend Laurece.

Jesse Eversole, Chapel Hill, NC,

Guitarist and Singer, Mountain Blue Trio

"Before working with Laurece West I was not comfortable with singing in front of people I did not know because I was afraid they'd think I sounded horrible. However, when I wrote a one-woman play and wanted to sing my own songs I had to face my fear. That's when I started working with Laurece. She was honest, focused, and gently firm with her feedback which was challenging, yet very helpful in my vocal development. After working with Laurece I went on to perform the show Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Cameroon,Africa. I'm now preparing my one-woman show Mama Juggs for both the New York and Chicago Fringe Theatre Festivals. And yes, in all those places I did and I will be singing with confidence! In fact, at every show I am complimented on my singing something I thought was ever possible for me until I met a great teacher like Laurece!”

'rie Shontel, Actress

Anita Woodley

"I like going to voice lessons with Laurece because I know I'll get the flexibility and gentleness I need.  I feel encouraged to let it all out and to keep practicing, practicing, practicing! The space is open for me to grow as a singer AND performer.  She is a must-try if you want any encouragement to sing,!"

Francine Ciccarelli

The Francine Ciccarelli Quartet

Western Massachusetts

Professional Singers and Performers


"Laurece was my very first singing teacher. I was initially very nervous to begin taking voice lessons, but Laurece quickly put me at ease. She was nurturing, supportive and coached me vocally, as well as in my acting work. She was genuinely interested in me and my well-being and helped coach me through many major life decisions. I grew as an artist, entertainer and overall human being in my two years studying with Laurece.  She was thoughtful, patient and kind. She strengthened my voice and my spirit. She’s a fantastic teacher who sincerely cares about her students. I will miss working with her very much."

Melanie Johnson, Actress, Los Angeles