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“I made a commitment to hire Laurece last year to increase my effectiveness in speaking as well as helping me with recall memory. Laurece has a kind and pointed way of creating personal awareness.  She is very intuitive and especially encouraging which helped me grow. Two important results that I achieved out of my 6 months. One some tools to quiet and calm my mind prior to speaking and two some tools to deliver a more impactful speech. I have been pleased with being able to recall more stories from the past that are relatable to my audience. [She teaches that] Specifics are great.”

Tracey Goetz, Managing Broker, Berkshire Hathaway, York Simpson Underwood Realty

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”Hi, My name is Emilee Collins. I am a real estate agent. I wanted to give a shout out to Laurece West of Easily Creative [, Laurece’s business consulting website] and just let the world know how much I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Laurece. We have been doing [the class] Powerful Presentations for the last six months. Before I began her sessions, I was a nervous Nellie! I would shake after having spoken in front of large groups. Also, I wanted to be able to organize my thoughts a lot better. Through working with Laurece for the last 6 months, I am much less nervous about speaking in front of others and I have clear objectives. Whenever I am going in front of groups, I have prepared. I am much more calm and that really lends itself to a more effective presentation that I'm making each and every time. I'm very grateful to Laurece. She's been a wonderful advocate to me, support and I would recommend working with Laurece always. Thank you so much Laurece! Best wishes to anyone who is looking for improvements in presentations - you will really have a tremendous return on your investment.” 

Emilee Collins, Realtor, Pickett Sprouse, West & Woodall, Hillsborough, NC

“I am a real estate broker and since I am continually making presentations to clients and prospective clients, I decided to get a speech coach to help me become a more effective communicator. Laurece did not disappoint with her steady coaching, patience, and her creative and supportive energy. Since people respond subconsciously to the sound of your voice, I found improving my voice helped my business. She also created exercises for me so that I can continue to practice and improve on my own. Laurece is an inciteful and creative speech coach.  She provides a wealth of resources.”

Susan Richter, Top 1% of sales associates nationally, Berkshire Hathaway, York Simpson Underwood Realty, Durham, NC