How does a professional singer get significantly better to move into the realm of greatness? What does it take to become a legend?

There are eight essential steps:

Incredible Technique 

Unique Artistry

Personal Empowerment

Vibrant Health

Unstoppable Mindset

Training Excellence

Business Savvy

Passionate Energy!

This book allows each singer to catalog their assets as well as what is missing in their skills, strategy and mindset. Identifying gaps, paired with a hunger to achieve and do whatever it takes brings success. Opening up and clearing what isn’t working demands courage. Learning and integrating new skills, beliefs and behaviors requires dedication, hard work and perseverance. You know this.

Training professional singers is similar to coaching professional and Olympic athletes - both in approach and the amount of sweat equity.  Being world class requires laser focus. World class amplified creates Legends.

Training for Professional Singing 

Career Invigorating Speaking™​ 

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Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice

Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice