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"Thank you to Laurece West - Business, Voice, Peak Performance Coach, for leading an engaging and highly interactive "Speaking Power" training session. Our finance leadership team at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions had a great time participating in the activities, discussion, and brain optimization exercises.

Laurece's coaching helped us improve our presentation skills and foster better connections not only within our team, but also with our internal and external business partners. We highly recommend her services to those looking to improve their communication skills and increase their impact. Please visit to learn more about Laurece's work and how she can help you and your team.

Thank you, Laurece, for an outstanding session!"

Joy Hopkins, CFO, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions,

Durham, NC

"Laurece, I wanted to take a moment to let you know that your presentation in April was simply, POWERFUL. I'm sure everyone got something from it but it HIT me extra hard when you said if we made certain changes we could seriously UP OUR GAME. I got what you were saying with regard to how it applied to me. I committed myself to some changes that day and am already seeing the benefits. Thanks for doing what you do and for being a motivating force for singers and songwriters. Here's wishing you the richest of rewards and all the best!"

Danny Wells, Hit Songwriter
8 million performances

(and counting) for #1 Hits:
George Strait's "Check Yes or No,"

Rascal Flatt's "Everyday Love," 

"These Days" & "While You Loved Me" and many others.

"I invited Laurece West to give a presentation to a group of undergraduates in a summer research program that I lead. My co-organizer and I wanted to give the students some tips to improve their speaking skills, and thought that a voice coach would be an excellent addition to our program. We were delighted with Laurece’s presentation. Laurece took the time to send a survey to our students (about a month in advance), and also to interview a few volunteers by phone. Doing this, she learned our students’ greatest fears and what they hoped to gain from her lesson. They expressed the most trepidation about “speaking on their feet”, and generally not getting nervous in situations such as a question-answer sessions after presentations, or just talking in a job interview. Laurece targeted this trepidation incredibly well. Drawing on her skills in improvisational acting, she showed the students how to be calm, confident, and authentic in such situations. She demonstrated all of the skills she discussed, and gave the students ample time to practice the skills within the session. It was very exciting for me to “listen in” as the students were practicing, and see BOTH what a good time they were having and how much they were learning. I think it was a great revelation to many of them that they could apply skills used in Improv to their own work. For a group of scientists, this was a great exercise in finding a new avenue for creativity!"

Nicole Schramm-Sapyta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, 
Assistant Director, Bass Connections Brain and Society Theme
Duke University

"Thanks for the [Sing with Ease] workshop last night. I enjoyed the material. I also noticed driving home how relaxed and happy I felt! As noted, moving the sound through the larynx opens the heart. I want more of this in my body."

Oliver Crichton
Off the Deep End! Performance Troupe Member and Musician, Durham, NC.

"Wyatt and i were both really impressed with your ability to keep things flowing with all the participants [a Sing with Ease workshop for 12 people] these sorts of situations it's often easy to allow distraction to occur, and we thought you were able to keep the attention focused and clear...i think you are a really balanced teacher--having just the right amount of softness and compassion, yet maintaining a real grounded energy in your leadership style..glad to see you are doing your thing in the world, and hope to see you again..." 

Ashley Howe, Vocal Instrumentalist - Collaborating with folks who focus on listening/presence as intentional exercise, Hillsborough, NC

I attended the Powerful Presentations workshop which immediately created a method to deliver a more engaging message to my audience. I see the lessons being useful in customer engagement, sales calls, and these techniques will certainly liven up the old, stale approach to elevator pitches. Laurece was able to bring out an emotional connection through being authentic to oneself. Thank you Laurece, I couldn't imagine the positive impact that was gained in such a short, concise workshop.

Kevin Seifert, Photographer

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