Training for Professional Singing 

Career Invigorating Speaking™​ 

Enhancing talent, creativity, confidence and connection!™​ 

Communication Breakthroughs™
How to be an inspiring and compassionate communicator in business and life.  Finessing difficult conversations, negotiating, delegating, freeing your words and ideas. Expressing your truth with ease and confidence.

Business Speaking, Storytelling and Strategic Communication™

How to solve voice and communication challenges, nervousness, reticence, filler words, lost train of thought, rambling, sentence restarts, rocking, pacing, repetitive movements, and low confidence. How to eleases discord, disconnection and low morale. Unleashes easy word flow, natural genius, humor, storytelling, active listening, becoming fully present and authentic confidence. Rock sales and networking. Give engaging, interactive talks and presentations. Powerful representation of company and brand. Ability to create quick, personal, and memorable connections with prospects, clients, colleagues, management, and employees. Invigorates team communication and innovation.

 Enhance Your Business By Communicating Effectively™

Speaking and communication skills, strategy and mindset to deeply connect with audiences and listeners in any situation - with cients, prospects, and while networking, interviewing, presenting and public speaking. Explore how to monetize your business communications. Learn the presentation secrets that super charge your voice, message and audience.

Create Your Ideal Future™
How mindset influences success. Practices to integrate higher levels of thought to move ahead and break glass ceilings.  

Courageous Principles™
Lessons learned as the child of a civil rights activist, and a racial equity advocate as an adult. Surviving external anger and resistance. Encouragement and empowerment to express core values especially in challenging circumstances.

 Find Your Unique Genius™

Allowing the best of one's originality to surface. Developing avenues of expression that are fulfilling. How to unleash and boldly champion unique ideas, gifts and personality.

Build Your Legacy™
Purposeful creation to positively affect people and the world. Personal and professional gifts that leave an indelible mark on those around you.

Raising Your Energy Increases Your Income™
Secrets and techniques to feel great and energize your business to experience more success.

Grow Your Business with Love™

Solid strategies and systems plus great relationships supercharge your business to create exponential growth.

Interactive Keynotes