Training for Professional Singing 

Career Invigorating Speaking™​ 

Enhancing talent, creativity, confidence and connection!™​ 

Mission Statement

*To train singers and speakers to have beautiful, healthy, flexible voices.

*To enable vocalists to create energized, powerful performances or presentations that inspire and deeply connect with their listeners.

*To help people with vocal challenges to understand the contributing factors and how to develop a strong voice.

*To coach singers in the numerous skills necessary to have their dream voice, and how much sweat equity is required from them to achieve it.

*To coach speakers to sound great, have easy word flow, great body language, abundant confidence, and clearly express their unique ideas under pressure.

*To help vocalists understand how to integrate all skills to become second nature so they can think what they desire and it simply happens.

*To provide guidance and motivation for vocalists to get into the training routine and self-care necessary to achieve their goals.

*To share cutting edge brain, voice and peak performance science and how to apply it.

*To help vocalists clear the inner and outer blocks to success.

*To encourage vocalists to  set boundaries that enable their well-being.

*To support everyone to express their truth and communicate well to build healthy personal and professional relationships.

*To create a safe environment that nurtures people be fully authentic and share with the world their gifts, unique personality and artistry.

*To educate vocalists to build energy, honor themselves, and share powerful energy with their audiences.

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