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​Training Packages

Elite training packages provide a high density of sessions necessary for the achievement of world class goals. Clients in the Freedom and Courage packages may fast track with more sessions weekly when preparing for an important event.  Half and full day VIP packages may be scheduled. Sessions are available in person, by Zoom video conferencing, phone, or on location. There is detailed information about training packages on the Singers and Speakers pages.

Attendance and Vacations 
Regular attendance is essential to check the application and integration of each new skill. Therefore continuous attendance is required.  Zoom video conferencing & phone sessions allow consistency while traveling. 

For each session package there is time off for vacation and personal time equivalent to one week a quarter or four weeks per year.  Additional time may be taken off if the sessions are made up – by having extra sessions in a week or adding time onto other sessions.  

Laurece being away on vacation is not deducted from your R&R.  You may have extra sessions before and after her trip to accelerate your pace and receive clear training goals while she is away. Or you may choose to extend your contract by the number of weeks she is away. Keep in mind that in training, consistency is key. Consider not extending your contract, but staying on track as the quickest path to achieving your ultimate goals.

More than 48 hour Cancellation Policy
Remember if you can't attend in person even at the last minute you may have a session by Zoom video conferencing or phone. If you need to reschedule a session please give plenty of notice since that time is reserved especially for you.  Time is limited and early notice is required to offer your time to another client.  Thanks for your consideration.  

If rescheduling a week in advance you may email. If at the last minute, a phone cancellation is also appreciated. If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, the session fee is forfeited, so take care of yourself by planning ahead.   Laurece would rather you have a session credit.

For equanimity, if Laurece cancels with less than 48 hours' notice, you will receive a free session.  The mutual consideration the cancellation policy engenders allows you to respect your training and know your coach is committed to both you and your success!

If you have not had three healthy days after an illness and you come the studio you will be sent home and will forfeit your session - not fun for anyone!  Bringing an active illness into the studio endangers everyone’s livelihood, their ability to maintain a healthy voice to stay active in their career. Being sick is an excellent opportunity to explore your overall self-care and specific methods to support the healing of your voice. Part of Laurece’s work is providing training, motivation and accountability with self-care as any positive change immediately creates more vocal strength and mental acuity.  Let her know where you’d like more support in the areas of diet, sleep, exercise, hydration and positivity (spirit, mindset, attitude, humor, etc.) 

To reserve appointments, all sessions are paid for in advance. Make your check payable to "Laurece West Studios."  Visa, Master Card and Discover payments may be made in person or by phone. PayPal to the account Training is often tax deductible as professional development.  Check with your accountant.

All session fees are non-refundable. If the cancellation policy is followed, credit is honored for that session. Classes run like college courses and there are no make-ups, however a recording of the class will be available for review if you let Laurece know ahead of time that you will be away.

Training Package credits are to be made-up within the agreed upon term. For clients paying in monthly installments, if payments are declined or delinquent, sessions are suspended until payments are current. Clients are responsible for the full amount of their package and any collection fees. Clients make an investment and commitment to their training. This results in immense personal and professional rewards, skill, strategy, mindset and career up-leveling.

Session Agreements
To enable mutual understanding of these studio policies and to have a smooth working relationship Laurece has written agreements for coaching. The agreement includes:

1. The length, day, and time of your sessions.
2. A reminder to follow the cancellation policy to retain a credit for rescheduling.
3. An acknowledgment of the attendance, cancellation and payment policies.
4. The training package name and term.
5. Amounts of payments in whole or monthly.
6. Due dates for payments.
7. Signatures of agreement. 

Clear policies enable ease. Clients understand their attendance and payment responsibilities and how to maintain a credit. They give themselves the gift of rapid growth in a calm, supportive environment. Laurece is clear when she is seeing you, and what appointments are available. She stays centered in the midst a studio where each person has life changes. Then she’s able to be present and train in a focused way to challenge and guide each client to achieve their untapped potential – to be more skilled, motivated, authentic, energized, and powerful - a positive, creative force in the world.

Studio Policies