Developing the skills to speak powerfully, with the ability to connect with and impact many people, creates new levels of career success and acceptance.  Through a clear step by step program with skills, strategy and mindset you will gain advanced speaking, presentation and communication skills. These are highly effective for sales, client interactions, delegating, interviews, media, voice overs, networking, presentations, negotiations, closing deals, signature talks and keynote speeches.

Choose any of the following that interest you. We'll design your training accordingly:

A great sounding, healthy voice with endurance, flexibility, and a variety of vocal tones to use when desired.

Elimination of sentence restarts, fillers such as uh and um, nervousness, fear, ego, and doubt.

Clarity with American English grammar, pronunciation and sentence flow. Accent remediation if desired.
Effective breathing, pace, emotion, pitch, volume, vocal health, powerful body language and gestures.
Clear knowledge of yourself, your truth and the ability to express it.
Easy word flow to speak intelligently and authentically on the spot.
A mindset of success to maximize your confidence.
Interviewing and negotiating skills.
Brain and improv exercises to consistently and reliably tap your creativity and unique genius to respond brilliantly under pressure and stand out.
The ability to connect with, engage, educate, inspire and motivate listeners and audiences.
Perspective about your gifts and place in the world. 
Ability to deliver your message to progressively larger audiences, widely promote your brand and serve more people.

Individual Training

Let's talk about your speaking and communication challenges and goals. We'll look at the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and the training options to get you there. Schedule a Speaking Training Discovery Call.


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