Training for Professional Singing 

Career Invigorating Speaking™​ 

Enhancing talent, creativity, confidence and connection!™​ 

​​​​​​​​​Powerful Presentations! ™

Achieve results in academic, law or business talks and interactions.

* Improv exercises that free you to speak intelligently under pressure
* Voice skills so your voice is strong, resonant & enjoyable to hear
* Performance techniques to present powerfully and authentically
* How to eliminate sentence restarts, and fillers such as uh and um
* Engaging body language
* Techniques to maximize your confidence
* Connecting with your listeners to move, energize or motivate people
* The Mindset of Success™

Wednesdays 12 -1 pm for 6 months. We'll meet 3 weeks a month, with the 4th off for review, integration or rest. Sessions are on Zoom video conferencing from the comfort of your location.

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Laurece is a Master Coach! I studied with her for 7 years for singing and have recently completed a class on "Reach Your Ideal Clients". WOW! In the first class, I gained clarity and confidence on my talk and gave a 30 minute presentation to my networking power group and it was well received! One month later, that talk was tweaked to fit into on only 6 minutes for a group of 25 people and I got 2 new clients! If you want to work with a master, Laurece is the choice to make for singing or speaking to groups.  Toni Stevens

Laurece has been helping me reach my ideal clients for the last few months, and I can't thank her enough. She helped me prepare a speech that I was able to give in front of over 70 professionals with ease. Before I started working with her, I had no idea what to even talk about, and by the end I was ready to give my ideal speech to my ideal audience!  Sarah Tudor

Before working with Laurece I was very unfamiliar with my confidence to deliver clear and concise content for my business; whether speaking to large groups, honing in on what my elevator speech is or simply attracting my ideal clients. Laurece has helped me in many facets. I can see significant improvements in my abilities to feel secure and confident, I've learned several techniques from warm-ups exercises, visualization, and planning strategies to enhance the flow of my presentations. Learning to speak from the heart is one of the most valuable lessons any of us can learn. Laurece is very energetic, sincere and full of surprises. I highly recommend working with Laurece. She's such a treasure. I have gained much love, wisdom, and knowledge of her, her process and guaranteed results. Adryin Glynn

 Present your best self under pressure.  Speak with ease and intelligence with powerful body language.  Free your natural genius, authenticity and storytelling skills to shine above the competition. Negotiate with confidence.

For in person or media interviews.

 Also learn:
* Improv exercises that free you to speak intelligently

* How to best tell your stories and contributions

* Clarification of what is unique about you, so you stand out

* Techniques to maximize your confidence

* Brain optimization exercises

* Negotiating skills
* How to develop a mindset of success
* Effective business communication 

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Reach Your Ideal Clients™

Gain the skills and strategy to speak effectively to build strong connections with clients both in large numbers and one to one. You will explore where to reach your ideal clients in large numbers, develop your signature talk and deliver it. You will feel confident, supported and energized to present it to the world.  To your success!

Mondays or Thursdays 12:00-1:00 pm for 6 months (3 sessions a month.) 

We'll meet on Zoom video conferencing from your location - which will deliver both audio and video recordings of each class.

I'd love to hear more about you. Schedule a Speaking Training Discovery Call.  

Speaking & Presentation Classes 

Speak powerfully and authentically to enhance your career.

 Interview and negotiate dynamically. Express your natural genius. Stand out and shine.