Training for Professional Singing 

Career Invigorating Speaking™​ 

Enhancing talent, creativity, confidence and connection!™​ 

Interactive Training for Civic and Private Groups

Each program includes a planning meeting, attendee survey,

pre-program interviews with 3-5 attendees, tailoring of program, delivery/facilitation, handout or workbook,

and post-program follow-up.

​​​​​​​​​​​Career Invigorating Speaking™ 
Confident and effective use of your voice and presentation style to up-level your business or creative career. Recognizing and harnessing your natural genius to serve clients and gain results.

Powerful Presentations ™ 
Reach, teach, inspire & motivate your audiences.  Effective techniques to achieve results in business, creative, inspirational, and academic talks.

Communicate to Connect ™
How to bridge small or large gaps and really connect with people through authentic communication.  Ideal for groups wish to relate to each other or find resolution across socio-political divides, people wanting to reach others on a heart level, and teams wishing to build connection, creativity, effectiveness and enjoyment of your mutual work. 

Ace Your Interviews!™ 
Presenting your best self and natural genius under pressure. Mindset for success, powerful body language, speaking with ease and intelligence. Negotiating with confidence.

Build a Stronger Voice ™ 
How to speak with like an actor with resonance to develop a sound to which people enjoy listening.  Special focus on how to resolve voice challenges and develop vocal health and endurance.

Speak with Ease ™ 
How to speak with easy word flow and confidence so you never have to be tongue tied. Eliminate distracting ahs, ums, & sentence restarts. Contributing to conversations in business and personal life with intelligence, humor and authenticity.  Recognizing the stories and aspects of your life that bring richness to others.

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