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Singer Songwriter, Fredi Sholtz

Elite Client, nominated for Female Rock Vocalist at the Carolina Music Awards 2016 and 2017

"My name is Whitney Anthony and I'm a performing/recording artist from Raleigh, NC. I began working with Laurece last year and my whole perspective has been changed! Laurece is a gentle, strong soul who has helped me not only with my voice but also with myself as a whole. Her positivity is contagious. Each time I leave her studio, I feel more relaxed and at ease. I have also seen tremendous growth with my voice and learned countless new tactics to help in my performance. She certainly has a unique approach to singing and I'd recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in a rut with their voice or unsatisfied with their performance level. Laurece has a special way of bringing the best out of you and making you feel confident about the voice with which you have been gifted. She is extremely professional, timely, organized, and dependable. It has been an absolute joy working with her. Thank you Laurece!!"

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"I have grown so much since I began working with Laurece, not only as a singer, but also as a person. It has always been my dream to be a Broadway actress and singer, and with Laurece's help I feel like the dream can become a reality. My vocal range has grown to a point I never thought I could achieve and I am able to sing songs that I used to only hope to sing when I was a kid. But most importantly now whenever I sing I feel relaxed, comfortable and capable. I never felt those things with my previous voice teachers and vocal training. There was always a sense of fear behind trying new notes or attempting a challenging song. Almost immediately after starting lessons with Laurece those fears diminished. I've always loved singing but now I have a new appreciation for it. I'm constantly learning about how to sing easily and effectively which makes it all the more fun. Laurece's guidance has made me into a more self assured and confident person. She has not only helped me achieve new heights with singing but also I've become a more mature and happy person, and for that I am extremely grateful."

Isabelle Moore,  Broadway Musicals Singer, 

Actor and Dancer, Mount Olive, NC

I just finished the musical "Curtains" up here at UNH, and my voice is sounding better than ever. I am working on getting some recordings, and I would love to show you my progress.  I still use everything you taught me, and my confidence has grown so much that I've really been able to apply it and integrate it with everything I'm learning up here." 

Kellie Welch, Musical Theater Major, University of New Hamphire

Hi Laurece! It’s Kellie Welch emailing you from the Big Apple! I am here doing a six week musical theatre conservatory at CAP 21, and I am having the time of my life.  I just had to email you to let you know that I had a voice lesson today, and the coach wouldn't stop praising the training I have had in the past.  So a really, really big THANK YOU! I feel like I've come so far and I still keep everything you've given me, from technique to confidence, at the forefront of my mind."

"Thank you Laurece. Just minutes ago I used my newly purchased blackberry to record my singing one of my favorites. I can't believe how I sound. I shudder to think about what I'll sing like by the end of the year. And this is even with the respiratory challenges of late. I am so thankful to have come into contact with you. And I wanna affirm how great a teacher you are."  
Braxton Shelley
Black Sacred Music Scholar, Music Minister, Gospel Singer and Organist, Durham, N.C.

(Update: After leaving Durham and receiving 2 Ph.D.s (!!), Braxton is now a professor in the department of Music at Harvard University.)

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