Elite Training for Professional Singing & Speaking™

​with a growing specialty in Business Consulting    

​​Elite Training for World Class Achievement

Elite training is a high density of sessions to problem solve, ensure rapid skill acquisition,
integration, and career acceleration.

Designed from Olympic and professional athletic coaching, Elite training is for the highly motivated, fast paced, and extremely ambitious person ready to take action consistently to excel

Gaining new voice and performance skills is similar to developing athletic skills both in time and sweat equity. Second nature habits and limiting beliefs, many years in the making, need to be
replaced with new efficient neuro-muscular skills, an elevated mindset, empowerment and
strategy. If you commit to your goals, follow training advice and do the work - massive results are

Training packages are offered in multiples of 48 sessions to ensure lasting, noticeable, exciting
results. Sessions are 40 minutes (10 minutes of prep time, 30 minutes of training time.) If you desire longer sessions, information is available upon request.

You may choose one series. Or continue in sequence, similar to Olympic athletes working
consistently with their coach as they train for world class achievement.

Check with your accountant. Training is tax deductible as professional development.

Elite Singing Training 
48 sessions. There are 2 extra sessions in the 5X/week package.

Frequency          Duration                         
5X/wk.                10 weeks                 
4X/wk.                12 weeks 
3X/wk.                16 weeks 

​If you do the work, results are guaranteed. 

Elite Singing Training Brochure.

Quick Start Package
Explore the training relationship and experience immediate (but not lasting) results.
The first session is an intake session, the rest are training sessions.

5 sessions in 1 week 
4 sessions in 1 week 
3 sessions in 1 week 

Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice™
The essentials for a professional singing career are: incredible vocal technique, 
unique artistry, personal empowerment, vibrant health, unstoppable mindset, training excellence, business savvy (from Laurece's book Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice, The Professional Singer's Road Map: How to Go from Good, to Great to Legend.) Add to that career strategy, and both recording and stage performance pizzazz - an attractive combination of talent, vitality and glamour!

Solve voice challenges. 

Increase range and endurance.
Improve your tone.

Develop the ability to create new sounds and styles while keeping your current sound.

Sing exactly what you hear, with ease.

Stay healthy and strong.

Elevate your mental game.

Increase confidence.

​Amp up your energy!

Thrive on tour.

​Create better recordings each time.

Manifest new opportunities. 

Go from Good to Great to Legend. 

Professional Singers