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What has evaded you...the tones you want, range, flexibility, power, vocal health, endurance, style, uniqueness, getting to the next level of career success? If you follow all coaching advice and do the work, you'll achieve your goals. Guaranteed!

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Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice™
The essentials for a professional singing career are: incredible vocal technique, 
unique artistry, personal empowerment, vibrant health, unstoppable mindset, training excellence, business savvy (from Laurece's book Creating a $20 Million Dollar Voice, The Professional Singer's Road Map: How to Go from Good, to Great to Legend.) Add to that career strategy, and both recording and stage performance pizzazz - an attractive combination of talent, vitality and glamour!

Solve voice challenges. 

Increase range and endurance.
Improve your tone.

Develop the ability to create new sounds and styles while keeping your current sound.

Sing exactly what you hear, with ease.

Stay healthy and strong.

Elevate your mental game.

Increase confidence.

​Amp up your energy!

Thrive on tour.

​Create better recordings each time.

Manifest new opportunities. 

Go from Good to Great to Legend. 

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