Training for Professional Singing 

Career Invigorating Speaking™​ 

Enhancing talent, creativity, confidence and connection!™​ 

Please be at the studio 10 minutes before your session. Wait in your car, letting your body relax from the trip.  Enter the studio at your session time.

Session Structure for Individual Training
Prep Time        Training time            Total Length
10 min                 60 min                         70  minutes

10 min                 30 min                        40 minutes    

Session Structure for Group Training
Prep Time        Training time            Total Length
10 min                 50 min                         60  minutes

Preparation Time
Athletes warm up and actors prepare their instrument (their body) for performance and vocalists must do the same. You have 10 minutes of alone time now in the studio or on Zoom  to center - preparing your mind and body to be most receptive to learning and best prepared for performing. Laurece will greet you, let you be alone in the studio, and continue to provide tips during your sessions on how to best use your prep time. If you are calling in at your appointed time, Laurece will get you started and call you back at the training time.  You'll stretch, breathe, and move about the studio or your room, start to own the space as you would on stage expanding your energy into it. Set up your recording equipment and get out your books. Do your improv exercises, set your intention and goals for your session. 

Training Time

You will record each session to review, learn from and show your progress.
There are now 30, 50 or 60 minutes of training time with Laurece. The first 5 minutes is an "InterPlay" improv exercise which allows you to express yourself (see below.) Then expressing your intention or desire for the session, questions and realizations since the last time.  We will meet your desire for the session.

The remaining time may have the following elements:
a) warm up and skill building
b) singing or speaking exploring technical and artistic options

d) preparation for performance, presentation or recording 

e) personal development - health, artistry, strategy, mindset

f) expressing yourself - artistry and unique personality

The Immense Benefit of Improv to Singers and Speakers 

Laurece was already a professional singer and multi-instrumentalist for at least 26 years when she first experienced improv the InterPlay way (see and  It provided techniques that enabled a new, exciting and remarkable, vocal and artistic freedom. The happiest breakthrough was when she realized that her 20 year struggle with her ego in performance was gone and she was just an open channel, moving energy, present in the moment! Over several years she witnessed her clients have many break-throughs by using these simple forms for improvisational movement, story, song, music, and spoken word. 

Laurece has defined the benefits:

1. Breaks the ice for the lesson with something interesting and often fun
2.  Immediately allows self expression
3. Gets the vocal energy moving
4. Clears emotional and mental stress 
5. Sometimes provides the answer to a question
6. Opens the creative channel
7. By-passes the ego allowing for glimpses of the true self - important for building unique artistry
8. Triggers different brain pathways and connections 
9. New awareness of self may emerge
10. New facility for word play - helpful with both self-expression and songwriting, as well as easy flow and creativity in public speaking
11. More comfort with movement - great for performances 
12. Prepares the artist to be comfortable with the unknowns that can happen in performances, presentations and interviews.
13. Discovering what is authentic, body wisdom, (and perhaps unique for the individual) in the realms of story, movement, song and spoken word
14. Creates connection between client and coach
15. Often some amazing piece of art will emerge

Session Structure