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"I used to find networking in person rather painful. I would sometimes blank out giving my own spiel. And I hated the feeling of marketing in person. It always felt too pushy.
Laurece showed me how the best marketing starts with a shared connection. And she pointed out easy ways to pique a person’s interest without being pushy. You don’t even have to feel like you’re marketing. 

She also taught me surprising ways you can banish nervousness typically associated with public speaking. Her improv techniques get you out of your head, reducing the jumpiness, which helps increase your focus.

 In fact, at a recent business networking event with total strangers, I found I was able to connect with people with ease.

 Thanks so much, Laurece!"

Sandra Yin
Ghostwriter & Book Coach

Sports Announcer and Voice Over Artist Ken Bond

"I was already a published writer and poet but looking for a better way to express (verbally, out loud) my work as well as a way to stoke my creativity. Having recently lost someone who was a very creative person and very dear to me, I sought an outlet - creative therapy - to help deal with that profound loss in a guided and supportive way. With Laurece, I became unafraid of my own voice. I learned to fertilize my creative gifts. Using many techniques of InterPlay, Laurece pushed open an internal door that allowed me to express all that I had inside - physically, verbally, vocally. She showed me many techniques that I could use to lift up my art, to change it, enhance it, to expand it, to mold it into what I want it to be or into something I never imagined existed inside me. This was one of those things that was meant to be. I don't believe in coincidences so when her contact information showed up in an email from a list I'm on, I signed up. I'd been thinking of signing up for something like that, and suddenly, there it was. Some of the best writing I've ever done was while I worked with her. Now, though still busy with daily life and though I still long to break free of it and be what I believe I was intended to be -- I now have tools that I didn't have at my disposal before. I can introduce color, sound, scent, movement, different personalities into my work in many forms. I have the book, I have the techniques. I now know where the door is."  

SEVEN,Poet, Essayist, Blogger,

"As a female impersonator, developing a strong character with a voice is one of the most important aspects to the illusion. 
   When I thought of voice lessons, the first thing that popped in my head was the rigid strict choir teacher I had in middle school who would make students go through exhaustive exercises and repeating of verses that made going to class a dread.
   From the first lesson with Laurece, I found the classes to be engaging and fun. I really liked the focus of using a holistic approach focusing on improvisational body and mind exercises, combined with practical voice coaching. The feedback I received every class was motivating and constructive at the same time. There was no pressure to be at any particular development point and I could go at my own pace. As a result I felt I made fast progress with my vocal goals. 
   While there is no magic pill with vocal development and progress depends on the students individual effort, Laurece's training has helped me accelerate this process."

Lady A  

     "I came to a point in my life where I felt lost and confused about many things.  I feared I was losing my identity amongst other things. I could not see my inner beauty and I felt my voice was a problem and was somehow holding me back. I knew I was wandering and needed some kind of structure, guidance  to regain control of my life, to have a sense of identity. I needed help to refocus, build sustainable confidence and reconnect with myself to experience the joy  and beauty of every day.
     Working with Laurece has helped me not only understand who I am but accept it as a blessing. She has taught me skills to deal with stress, failures or disappointments, to celebrate victories no matter how small. She taught me that those things that I believed limit me make me unique. She helped me find my voice again especially in public speaking. My body language no longer speaks defeat, my confidence has improved. With her help, I can speak out publicly and more confidently. I am learning to relax, be thankful, celebrate and be uniquely me.
     Working with Laurece has been life changing.  She listened calmly to me to understand my challenges. She gently encouraged me to practice my exercises, view circumstances differently and just generally try new things.          Thank you Laurece, my life is exciting again

and the sky is the limit for me now!

Vivian, Mortgage Officer, Morrisville NC

"Laurece West’s vocal training has been tremendously helpful to me at my job. Tasked with creating voice overs for educational videos, I found my usual speech patterns did not work well in an audio recording. West’s training techniques and suggestions improved my vocal skills dramatically, leading to a much quicker video production schedule. Voice-overs that once took me an entire work day to complete satisfactorily now take less than half that time, and the end product is considerably better. I would recommend Laurece West’s voice training to anyone who wishes to improve their vocal skills."

Heather Valli, Chapel Hill, NC

"I decided to sign up for Reach Your Ideal Clients because I already gave talks but they weren't as effective as I'd like. I wanted to have more impact and build my client base. Laurece asked me to set my R.O.I. for the course, to gain back my investment. She sent me information on how to focus on it and said she would support me. This was all before the course started. After ONE class session, and about a week of affirming what I wanted to bring in, I won a year long contract that more than pays for the course! Laurece, I really feel like you are on my team and rooting for me. I never expected so much assistance from you! This is exactly what I needed and I am very grateful."

Heidi Hackney,  Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Hillsborough, N.C.

"When I started working with Laurece I was uncomfortable networking and my talks were generating little response. I had individual training with Laurece to prepare for a speech for 600 people. Then I took Reach Your Ideal Clients, and I am working with her again in individual sessions.

Now I am comfortable networking; I know what to say and I am at ease. I am confident and effective when I give talks. I am clear how to best serve the audience and simply offer a business proposition which attracts clients. Laurece encouraged me to think bigger and motivated me to attract more than my R.O.I. 

As a result of working with her and releasing my "natural genius," as she calls it, one of the attendees at the 600 person talk recently decided to invest a million dollars monthly in design work with our firm! What a R.O.I.!
Thank you Laurece."

Todd Moses, Director of Engineering, Imaginovation, LLC, Raleigh, N.C.

"I took Laurece' Business English session for several months. She is highly professional, provides a lot of fun, and is also an excellent musician. As a non-native English speaker, I faced many challenges, but she provided excellent support on an equal footing. Her lessons are more than just sitting in a chair and having a conversation. She uses body exercises and learns to communicate beyond words. This lesson gave me confidence and I am eager to learn more English with her. If anyone wants to improve your English skills, I believe contacting her Laurece is the greatest way to that goal."

Ishikawa-san, Assistant CFO, VP of Business Planning and Accounting, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Durham, NC

   "Prior to working with Laurece, I had many challenges related to speaking with clients and prospective clients. My biggest concern was that I wasn’t able to present the best version of myself to the world. This concern was rooted deep inside of me and hindered me in business, social, and personal situations. Sometimes in situations where I needed to speak, I decided not to - for fear that my words would be misunderstood or not come out right.
    While working with Laurece, I have been able to learn to present myself better. I have learned to tell my stories. The techniques and exercises Laurece taught me have helped me ‘unclog’ my story pipeline. They flow a lot easier now and I am able to present a better version of myself. These are useful tools in presenting the best version of myself to my clients, colleagues, family and friends. What good is a story if it remains untold?
    The tools Laurece has given me have helped me a lot when it comes to my speaking. I can better interact with people now in all types of situations whether business or social.
    My friends and people I am close to have mentioned that they have noticed a difference. My business partner specifically mentioned: “I have noticed that you are more at ease in groups of people. That you frequently speak more and that your delivery appears more genuine.” The good results I have experienced have given me more confidence and I am setting my sights higher than I did before I worked with Laurece.
    Laurece has given me concrete goals to work toward that will continue to help me communicate. I am still not sure where this chapter of my story will take me, I know that the better speaking skills I now own will help me along the way."

Matt Thacker,Entrepreneur/Coach,
Wake Forest, NC

​​P. S.(after he completed the Speaking Freedom Package:) I have recently started doing Stand-up comedy. During our lessons you encouraged me to continue seeking opportunities to tell stories and this is the avenue that has drawn me in. I have performed in front of 150 plus twice now (once in Raleigh and once in Wichita KS.) My friends and associates ask me what in the world led me to trying comedy and I have told the story of taking your class many times. Thanks again!

     "Before working with Laurece I was very unfamiliar with my confidence to deliver clear and concise content for my business; whether speaking to large groups, honing in on what my elevator speech is or simply attracting my ideal clients. Laurece has helped me in many facets. I can see significant improvements in my abilities to feel secure and confident, I've learned several techniques from warm-ups exercises, visualization, and planning strategies to enhance the flow of my presentations. Learning to speak from the heart is one of the most valuable lessons any of us can learn.

     Laurece is very energetic, sincere and full of surprises. I highly recommend working with Laurece. She's such a treasure. I have gained much love, wisdom, and knowledge, her process and guaranteed results."

Adryin Glynn, Design Professional, Adryin Glynn Designs

   "I recently did an interview/debate on the Brian Lehrer show on New York Public Radio, by phone. I got tips on how to prepare and frame my argument from the media expert at the think tank who arranged the call. And, I got tips from Laurece about using my voice effectively. After listening to the interview, the very first comments coming from the media expert-"I think you did great! You came across very knowledgeable. Your voice sounded good – you didn’t talk too fast/slow and your tone was very conversational." 
   Even before getting into what I said, the first thing she noticed was how I sounded.  It makes a big difference. Thank you, Laurece."

Janneke Ratcliffe, Executive Director of The UNC Center for Community Capital, a Research Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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