Training for Professional Singing 

Career Invigorating Speaking™​ 

Enhancing talent, creativity, confidence and connection!™​ 

​​​​​​Choose your training track:

1. The Academy for Business Communciation.™

Solve voice and communication challenges, nervousness, filler words, losing your train of thought, rocking, pacing, repetitive movements, and lack of confidence. Rock your sales, talks, networking, and presentations.  Powerfully represent your company or brand. Quickly connect with prospects, clients, colleagues, management, and employees. Invigorate team communications.

Foundational Course:

Business Speaking, Storytelling & Strategic Communication™ parts 1 and 2.

Additional Training Courses:
Reach Your Ideal Clients™ - Develop Your Signature Talk
Keynote Pizzazz™

Influencing & Media™
Voice Sound, Healing & Strength™
Business English for International Professionals™

Sales & Cold Calling Confidence™

Interview & Negotiation Power™
Voice Over & Announcing Talent™

Life Changing Public Speaking™

Increase Your Impact - Communicate Powerfully and Shine on Video!™

2. The Academy for Singing Technique & Artistry.™

Solve voice challenges. Significantly uplevel your artistry, as well as vocal freedom, range, flexibility, and strength. Perform and Sing with Ease, Power & Grace!™ 

Training sections:

Professional singers 

Aspiring professional singers

Amateur singers

Gospel singers​​

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Laurece West Studios

Sing and Speak with Your Heart!

Laurece West Studios
Build a Million Dollar Voice ™
Create a $20 Million Dollar Voice ™


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​Step into your confidence

and unique genius. Be all in!

Give yourself

what you've always wanted.

Train to have the voice,

singing or speaking skills, songs, content, artistry, originality,

confidence, mindset, strategy,

performances, presentations, talks, 

 interviews, business saavy, abundance, personal connections, listeners & audience far beyond what

you've ever thought possible.

Connect with and deeply move people with your powerful stories. 

Have one after another personal and professional breakthrough!

In each Academy, you'll gain cutting edge skills, creativity, artistry, and impressive confidence. You'll sound and look

great, with dynamic body language. You'll learn to  and deliver memorable, life-changing, heart-centered sound and content to move, inspire, educate or motivate your listeners.

Voice Coach and Business Consultant Laurece West helps businesses and professionals develop dynamic singing, speaking and communication skills, or create systems, strategy and innovation they love. She helps people feel comfortable and powerful as they share their unique genius and deeply connect with people, expanding their business and audience. Laurece specializes in growth. The result for her clients is increased income, impact, and satisfaction. Find her business consulting at Read about The Academy for Business Ascension™ and  consulting client praise for their results.  Book a Consulting Discovery Call.

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Laurece is a singer, songwriter, performer, bandleader, instrumentalist, recording artist and producer. She is also a comedy and improv performer. Laurece leads an InterPlay improv jam the first three (full week) Friday nights monthly. You can find  the link to join the jam at Come learn, tell your life stories, laugh and enjoy a playful community.

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We are an anti-racist business.

We stand with our black colleagues and clients. 

​​If you want to be world class, you must train like an Olympic athlete. This is your new home...single-minded focus, fierce passion, intense determination, and hard work. Moving through challenges to multiple successes.