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Enhance Your Business by Communicating Effectively™

Wednesday Sept 19, 12:00 - 1:00 $25, Frontier RTP


Laurece West Studios

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Elite Training for Professional Singing & Speaking™

​with a growing specialty in Entrepreneurship    

Sing with Ease,

Sing Your Magnificence™

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Healing the Voice

Workshop, Class or Training

If you want to be world class,
you must train 
like an Olympic athlete. 
This is your new home...
single-minded focus, 
fierce passion, 
intense determination,
and hard work. 
Moving through challenges
to multiple Successes.

Laurece West Studios
Build a Million Dollar Voice ™
Create a $20 Million Dollar Voice ™

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"My experience with Laurece is that she is a seasoned, practiced professional that has a deep understanding of the tried and true methods developed over time by the masters to effectively and safely train your voice. She is flexible, easy to work with and personable. Results speak for themselves."

Jesse Eversole