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​Wednesday June 20, 12:00-1:00  Free, Frontier RTP

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Laurece West Studios serves active and aspiring professional singers, worship singers and passionate amateurs, as well as speakers - business and creative professionals (and students) who are under pressure to give dynamic presentations or interviews and to communicate better. Training for corporate, academic and civic groups are delivered on location and at beautiful worldwide destinations.

Elite clients receive a high density of sessions (3-5 per week) and experience the fastest results. Modeled after Olympic coaching, it allows rapid problem solving, skill acquisition, integration  and career acceleration. The majority of Elite clients focus on positively effecting society and achievement at a world class level. 

Success clients have the option of 1 - 2 weekly or three monthly individual sessions to create change for their work in the world at a more humble level. 

Classes (8 weeks) and Workshops (2 hours) offer participants individual attention in a group setting.

Interactive Talks, with group exercises, give an overview of key voice and performance concepts. 

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Laurece West Studios
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"My experience with Laurece is that she is a seasoned, practiced professional that has a deep understanding of the tried and true methods developed over time by the masters to effectively and safely train your voice. She is flexible, easy to work with and personable. Results speak for themselves."

Jesse Eversole

​Wednesday June 27, 12:00-1:00  Free, at Health Touch

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In person in Durham, NC and internationally by Zoom video conferencing, which records video and audio.

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